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Viet Nam
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Useful advice for travelling to Vietnam (VNM)

Let’s get some distance from Europe and dive straight into a different and unknown world. However, no photo-books or textbooks are able to show the true colours of Vietnamese nature or allow you to sense fresh gusts of tropical forest wind and feel the glassy surface of the local sea. Flights to Vietnam provide you an opportunity to experience something entirely new and have some engaging adventures. After visiting the home of the Red Dragon, you will feel like coming back again and again. Chao, Vietnam!

Preparing for the trip

Travellers that wish to visit Vietnam need to acquire a travel visa. Issue period for the visa is often lengthy, and you should therefore submit your application early on.

Previously unseen insects possibly carrying diseases and infections are an unavoidable part of your trip to the continent of Asia. It is recommended to get vaccinated against yellow fever, tetanus, polio, diphtheria, typhoid fever, and hepatitis A and B as a precaution. Do not forget about hygiene: wash your hands regularly and use antibacterial products and disinfectants.

Transportation and travel charges

Popular transport means in Vietnam are rickshaws: a three-wheeled vehicle, where you will sit in the front seat and a driver will sit behind you. Unique Vietnamese boats will help you conquer larger water bodies, and a local guide will assist in your explorations for Vietnamese tribal life.

The Vietnamese dong (đồng) is considered official currency of the country. It is easy to feel like a millionaire after leaving a currency exchange office, because 1 euro will get you 20 000 dongs. However, locals accept euros as well. Feel free to get acquainted with Vietnamese cuisine as soon as possible. Definitely try some street food, which will cost you just 1.20 euro. Naturally, food is pricier in other places, where tourists are expected to come by, and a lunch will cost you about 9 euros. The Vietnamese are true coffee lovers, and you can order a cup for yourself for approximately 1.50 euro. In local shops, a 1.5 litre water bottle will cost you 50 euro cents. You can buy some rice for about 0.70 euro, chicken will cost you roughly 3.40 euros, you will pay 1.80 for oranges, and 80 euro cents for bananas.

Additional information:

  • Vietnam belongs to the UTC+7 time zone.
  • Distance from Vilnius to Vietnamese capital Hanoi amounts to approximately 7518 kilometres.
  • Official language is Vietnamese, but in tourist zones, you will also be able to communicate in English.
  • Best return gifts choices

    After returning from your journey, you will most probably want to show what you saw and experienced. A great way to demonstrate this is to prepare a Vietnamese dish, using authentic spices that you brought from Vietnam. If possible, try and prepare your selected dish in open air. After all, you probably tried your first Pho soup on the street as well. Your friends and loved ones will easily enter new taste horizons this way. They will also be pleased with a gift of Vietnamese hat or some handicraft goods, ceramics products, or silver jewellery from Vietnamese markets.

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