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Useful advice for travelling to Venezuela (VE)

Venezuela is a highly attractive and exotic South American country. Among many wonderful things the country has to offer its guests, you will see breathtaking waterfalls, everlasting sunshine, and beautiful sandy beaches here. Venezuela feels like a piece of heaven, which beckons more and more tourists every year, with more incoming flights added on a frequent basis.

Preparing for the trip

When going to Venezuela, there are no compulsory vaccinations required. It is, however, recommended to get vaccinated against yellow fever before heading out, as well as malaria. There is a moderately high risk of getting infected with the latter in Venezuela, particularly in jungle areas. Other possible health risks are hepatitis A and B and typhoid fever. Adults are also encouraged to get re-vaccinated against tetanus and diphtheria as a precaution.

In order to enter Venezuela, no travel visa is required, but you will be issued a tourist card, valid for three months, upon arriving. If you wish to avoid experiencing cultural shock, it’s best to get somewhat acquainted with Venezuelan culture, traditions, and habits before heading out. You should also plan your travel route and think of all sightseeing objects you might want to visit beforehand.

Transportation and travel charges

Inner bus or train travels are available in Venezuela, as are taxi services. Prices are very agreeable because of cheap fuel. Naturally, you can always choose to rent a car and travel independently. However, local Venezuelan driving culture is quite peculiar and different from European, which could mean difficulties for driving country guests.

Official Venezuelan currency is the bolívar "fuerte" (VEF), with one thousand bolívares being equal to approximately 1 euro cent. Travellers that take USD dollars to Venezuelan currency exchange offices will economize, as the exchange rate between dollars and bolívares is much more favourable. Venezuelan prices are really low and pleasantly surprising for European guests of the country.

Additional information:

  • Venezuela belongs to the UTC – 4 time zone.
  • Official language is Spanish. It’s quite difficult to communicate in other languages in Venezuela – although customer service staff does usually speak some English – and you should consider taking a Spanish dictionary with you on the road.
  • Direct distance from Vilnius to Venezuela’s capital city of Caracas is 5690 kilometres.
  • Best return gifts choices

    All South American countries are famous for their lama and alpaca wool products. Particularly popular tourist purchases are ponchos and hammocks. Your friends and loved ones will love symbolic return gifts, such as tiny souvenirs with various pictures of Venezuelan landscape, particularly waterfalls. Do not forget to taste and purchase some local sweets and pastries, as well as high quality coffee.

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