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Useful advice for travelling to Vatican City (VAT)

The smallest sovereign state in the world with an area of just 0.44 km², Vatican City is located in the western part of Rome, on Italy’s Vatican Hill, and it serves as the official residence of the Catholic Pope. The world’s smallest country will surprise its guests with its grandeur; whether the visitors are Catholic or not. Fast and cheap flights to Vatican City are a great way to take a closer look at this ministate with less than 1000 local residents, striking architecture, impressive art heritage, and sacral luxury that surrounds every step of your journey.

Preparing for the trip

You will not need any to make any special preparations for your trip to Vatican City. However, as with any other journey abroad, you should consider acquiring travel insurance that covers any possible injuries or accidents. If you’re planning to travel with checked baggage and feel wary of losing your property and getting your holiday spoiled, make sure to insure your luggage as well.

Transportation and travel charges

Vatican is a ministate, which means that all distances are small and easily covered on foot, and you will not have to worry about public transport. However, if you plan to go and see Italy’s capital city of Rome as well, the best way to explore it is using city metro. Tickets are among cheapest in Europe, and new trains arrive every 7-10 minutes. Finally, you can always choose to rent a car, use taxi services, or take a bike ride for your local travel purposes.

You can pay for your purchases using euros, as it is the official currency of Vatican City. Euros Vatican City issues and uses its own coins with distinctive symbols. The country has its own bank and world-original ATMs that offer instructions in Latin. Vatican economy is also highly unique and consists of religious donations and profits from selling post stamps, coins, tourist souvenirs, museum tickets, and various publications. Average working class (approximately 3000 such people that all live outside of Vatican City) pay is similar to that paid in Rome. Food prices are also similar; both in shops and restaurants.

Additional information:

  • Vatican City belongs to the UTC+2 time zone.
  • Official language of Vatican City is the same as in Rome, Italian; however, you will also be able to communicate in English.
  • Distance from Vilnius to Vatican City amounts to 2252 kilometres.
  • Best return gifts choices

    Your friends and loved ones will be pleasantly surprised if you purchase some return gifts for their collections, like authentic Vatican stamps or euro coins with smallest issue rate in Europe. Another way to create long-lasting memories about your trip is to acquire some crosses, pendants, pictures, and other souvenirs decorated with papal and Vatican symbols.

    You could also use an opportunity to visit nearby Rome. Italy is particularly famous for its cuisine, therefore, you should try delicious local cheeses and wines (globally, Italy produces the biggest amount of wine) and purchase some for your friends and loved ones at home.

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