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Saudi Arabia
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Useful advice for travelling to Saudi Arabia (SAU)

Saudi Arabia is called by local Muslims as “the Land of the Two Holy Mosques”, as two highly important Islamic cities are located in this country: Mecca and Medina. In Saudi Arabia, the weather is hot all year long, and even sand of the vast local deserts changes its colour due to the hot weather and its temperature fluctuations. Holiday trips to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will please those, who love exploring unseen lands and exotic foreign cultures.

Preparing for the trip

Before heading out to Saudi Arabia, you should definitely get vaccinations against yellow fever, meningitis, malaria, polio, and flu. There is also a risk of getting infected with typhoid fever, and hepatitis A and B in this country. Therefore, getting vaccinated against these diseases is also recommended. Finally, adults should get re-vaccinated against tetanus and diphtheria beforehand.

It is worth noticing that publicly practicing religions other than Islam is forbidden and illegal. In order to avoid getting fined or even arrested, you should always carry or wear any non-Islamic religious paraphernalia under your clothes or otherwise hidden. Locals consider the left hand unclean and will not use it for greeting, eating food, or handing something to one another.

Transportation and travel charges

Tourism is well developed in this country, with frequent flights available. For your inner-country travels, you are free to choose between public transport, rental cars, and taxis. Remember that women are forbidden to drive in Saudi Arabia. Traffic itself is quite chaotic here, and only experienced drivers should choose to get behind the wheel.

Official local currency is the Saudi riyal (SAR), worth 24 euro cents. It will not come as a surprise that gasoline is cheaper than water in Saudi Arabia. One litre of gasoline costs 0.6 riyal, while one litre of water will cost you approximately 2 riyals.

Additional information:

  • Saudi Arabia belongs to the UTC + 3 time zone.
  • Official language is Arabic.
  • Distance from Vilnius to Saudi Arabia’s capital city Riyadh amounts to 3773 kilometres.
  • Best return gifts choices

    The entirety of Saudi Arabian culture is immersed in Islam; therefore, your return gift choices will be Muslim as well. You could purchase some Muslim clothes or shoes (sandals) or taste and buy some of the unique local coffee with added spices. Smokers will be pleased with a wide variety of unusual tobacco and cigarette choices.

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