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Moscow, Russia's ever-changing kaleidoscope of beauty

The great Moscow has an ability to charm its every visitor. Some people can’t take their eyes off the fabulous, gold-glimmering architecture, others cannot resist the intricacies of Russian culture, while some simply get enraptured by the share extent of the megacity’s territory. It is recommended for every passionate traveller and lover of contrasts to visit this biggest European city.

How to travel?

For those who want to reach the heart of Russia the fastest, flights by plane is the best choice. Moscow tourists are awaited in Zhukovsky, Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo airports. Further travel is possible using attractive means of transportation: electric railway trains (elektrichkas) and metro.

These are some of the best-known attributes of the Russian capital. Do not be surprised if your trip by train gets spiced up by talented street musicians or traders. Inner city area also presents a web of routes for buses and trolleybuses.

What to taste?

Russia is called a bridge between Europe and Asia. Characteristics of different cultures are also apparent by tasting. Russians love filling and appetizing meals; this is especially relevant for food that is offered by street sellers (buns filled with cabbage, mushrooms or meat, called pirozhki).

While in Moscow, it is necessary to try the authentic sour cabbage soup (shchi) and dumplings filled with meat or quark (varenyky or pierogi). These high-calorie and quite fattening delicacies will instantly help recover any strength lost in getting acquainted with city symbols. A great way to quench your thirst is to treat yourself to some delicious kvass, kompot, or tea from a samovar.

What to see?

Breathtaking and intricate architecture, immense spaces are some of the main reasons for the highly popular flight tickets to Moscow. Tourists are above tempted by gilded and intricately ornamented buildings. While walking the wide streets, a special mood is created by the high contrasts between old-time, Soviet era, and modern architecture items.

Although Moscow is a luxurious city, most of the important objects may be visited for free. We recommend taking a look and a walk all across the Red Square and Kremlin. Get to know more about Russian art treasures at the home of famous local artists, the Tretyakov Gallery. In the warm period, it is pleasant to take a stroll in the Alexander Garden, graced with many fountains and sculptures. Here you can set your eyes on an entrancing panoramic view of the city, opening up from the Sparrow Hills. Before leaving, pay a visit to the Arbat District, as this shopping artery of the city will definitely present you with some heart-warming and cheerful souvenirs.

What to do?

While visiting Moscow, use the opportunity to survey the richly decorated metropolitan area and enjoy the ever-changing face of the city, accommodating to the place or the time of the day. After you get tired, take a rest at one of many refined parks, or relax in a traditional Russian bathhouse (banya).

In some cases, in order to really open Moscow up for you, multiple flights may be needed, and the city will reveal itself, not unlike a matryoshka doll. Take care to purchase tickets beforehand and let yourself be enwrapped by a cloak of impressions left by the city’s metamorphoses.

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