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Useful advice for travelling to Russia (RUS)

Russia is not only great in size but also has great nature that beckons many tourists from all over the world. Cheap flights to Russia provide an opportunity to visit the largest lake in Europe, Ladoga, as well as experience other wonders of the world’s biggest country.

Preparing for the trip

Although Russia is Lithuania’s neighbour country, a visa is still required from all Lithuanian citizens wishing to visit the Eurasian giant. To obtain a visa, you will need to submit an application along with your picture, a valid passport, and a valid insurance contract. You will need to pay approximately 50 USA dollars (necessarily in this currency only), and your visa will be ready in 10 days.

Transportation and travel charges

The official local currency is the Russian ruble (or rouble; RUB). One euro is equal to more than 71 rubles. Prices in local markets are higher than in shopping cneters. For example, you can buy one kilogram of pork for about 400 rubles in the market, while in a shop you will pay 90 rubles less. In Russian shops, you will pay approximately 22 rubles for black bread, about 160 rubles for hake, and 150 rubles for tomatoes. In a local restaurant, you may order a filling bowl of traditional borsch or schi soup for up to 350 rubles.

The best ways to get better acquainted with Russia are to use trains, automobiles, and buses. Trains are best for reaching the luxurious Hermitage museum. The most popular railway route connects Moscow and St Petersburg, and you will pay up to 6057 rubles for a single ticket. Prices vary between trips to different locations; for example, you will need to pay as much as 38 124 rubles for a trip to Rostov city. While deciding on a journey route, do not forget about the wondrous Valley of Geysers.

Additional information:

  • Distance from Vilnius to Russia’s capital Moscow, which is included among the world’s priciest cities, amounts to 792 kilometres.
  • Russia spans eleven time zones from UTC+2 to +12. Moscow belongs to the UST +3 time zone.
  • Official language is Russian.
  • Best return gifts choices

    After visiting Russia, you will naturally wish to bring some Russian temper and stubbornness back from your journey. Your friends and loved ones will adore a Russia-themed evening, complete with traditional Russian steam bath experience and a filling dinner afterwards. Purchase some Russian pork delicacies, shashlik, and Vinegret salad for this very purpose. Russian vodka will also be a welcome addition to the table. Lastly, traditional Russian matryoshka dolls complete the experience and please your friends when presented as a return gift.

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