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Useful advice for travelling to Latvia (LVA)

Lithuania’s neighbour country of Latvia received its name by deriving it from the name of the ancient Latgalians, an ancient Baltic tribe. Cheap and fast flights to Latvia will provide an opportunity to get a closer look at the country’s past: the 800 years old churches, the majestic Riga Old Town, and peaceful beaches. Everyone will find something to do during a visit to Latvia, both those who prefer calm and peace and the ones looking for entertainment and wild city night life.

Preparing for the trip

Trips to Latvia will not be hard to prepare to, as there are no set compulsory vaccination requirements. Only the usual vaccinations are recommended: against diphtheria and tetanus. Before you head out, you should apply for health insurance, as it will be a useful precaution in the case of some unexpected accidents and the like.

Be prepared to net many Russian-speaking people in the streets of Latvia. According to a population census, as much as 30 percent of Russian people reside in the country.

Transportation and travel charges

Latvian road quality has been poor for a quite a long time in the past but it keeps getting better and better lately. Latvia has become a transit country between Russia and the rest of the European Union. Public transport system is also well-developed here, with numerous local inner- and inter-city buses and trains being available. Latvian capital also offers metro services. Public transport tickets are very cheap, and a kilometre long taxi ride will cost approximately 0.70 euro. A litre of gasoline costs about 1.12 in Latvia.

From the year 2013, Latvia has become the 18th country adapting the euro as the official currency. Living costs in Latvia are slightly higher than in Lithuania. For example, you can have lunch in a cheap restaurant for 4.5 euros. In local shopping malls, you can and buy a small bottle of water for 80 euro cents, and a kilogram of fruit or vegetables varies between 0.40 and almost 4 euros.

Additional information:

  • Latvia belongs to the UTC+2 time zone, which changes to UTC+3 during the warm period.
  • Official language is Latvian but there are many Russian-speaking locals in the country, and the youth are usually fluent in English.
  • Distance from Vilnius to Latvian capital Riga is only 261 kilometres!
  • Best return gifts choices

    Culinary experts and enthusiasts will enjoy herbal liqueur “Riga’ Black Balsam”. “Karums” curd snacks are also worth paying attention to, as are “Laima” sweets and chocolates. Latvian amber and silver are highly popular souvenir sources, and a pair of warm and bright-coloured wool socks or gloves will please everyone afraid of colds. Dishware, vases, whistles, and other products from clay will also make a great return gift, a will collector’s dream: jubilee and commemorative coins.

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