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Useful advice for travelling to Egypt (EG)

Surrounded by the waves of both the Red and the Mediterranean seas, filled with hot sands of the Sahara desert, adorned with majestic pyramids and modern cities, Egypt is definite tourist favourite. White sandy beaches, luxurious hotels, walks across the desert, cultural exploration trips, water entertainment, and many more engaging activities await you here. Flights to Egypt are a perfect gift for everyone whose dream is to enjoy a truly luxurious and relaxing holiday trip.

Preparing for the trip

Before heading out, you should acquire a visa. It is not necessary if you’re only planning to visit South Sinai resorts for up to 15 days. Otherwise, a visa will be issued at the border of Egypt.

All tourists arriving through territories infected with yellow fever need to provide a corresponding vaccination certificate. You should also consider getting vaccinated against hepatitis A and B, typhoid fever, and get re-vaccinated against tetanus and diphtheria if necessary. It is not recommended to drink local tap water or use it for cleaning your teeth.

Transportation and travel charges

The best ways to get better acquainted with Algeria are to use buses, minibuses, and taxis. Cars are rented for people of 25 years old and above. Road quality is good, but locals tend to be chaotic drivers.

You can pay for your purchases using official local currency, Egyptian pounds (EGP). One such pound is equal to approximately 0.138 euro. Living costs in Egypt are lower than in Lithuania. For example, you can have lunch in a cheap restaurant for 35 pounds and buy a cappuccino for about 15.30 pounds. In local shops, a 1.5 litre water bottle will cost you 3.20 pounds; you can buy one kilogram of rice for about 5.60, while one kilogram of chicken breast will cost you approximately 45. Public transport tickets cost about 2 pounds, and a one kilometre long taxi ride will cost you about 1.50.

Additional information:

  • Official language is Arabic, but locals also fluently speak in French and English.
  • Egypt belongs to the UTC +2 time zone, which is changed to UTC +3 at summer.
  • Direct distance from Vilnius to Egypt’s capital Cairo is approximately 1725 kilometres.
  • Best return gifts choices

    Tourists love purchasing Egyptian souvenirs in the form of water pipes, handmade glass perfume bottles, papyrus drawings, rugs, and leather products. Jewellery, spices, and silk or cotton scarves are also highly popular return gift choices.

    Cheap flights to Egypt provide an amazing opportunity to spend a holiday of your dreams. Both children and adults will not be disappointed by this journey full of surprises and pleasures.

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