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Useful advice for travelling to Cuba (CUB)

Cuba is a land of revolutionary ideas, great cigars, friendly people, and impressive landscape. Located in the northern Caribbean region near the Caribbean Sea, Cuba has a lengthy sea shore, which beckons all romantics. City bars attract party goers from around the globe with a mix of loud rhythms that make your legs move on their own, thick clouds of cigar smoke, and the world’s sweetest cocktails. The legendary island country of striking history, architecture, and nature is where you will be able to experience the true Latin American spirit.

Preparing for the trip

There are also no compulsory vaccination requirements for entering the country, but you should still get the usual vaccinations hepatitis A and B, typhoid fever, tetanus, and diphtheria.

Local climate is the most favourable in time period between November and April, when the average temperature is approximately 25°C. Rainy season begins in May and continues until October, when the risk of hurricanes also increases.

Those who love creating photographed memories from their journeys should know that filming or taking pictures of airports and their passengers, military ammunition, and industrial events is forbidden in Cuba.

Transportation and travel charges

Public transport quality is quite poor in the country, but the rickets are expensive. Taxis are also ready to offer their services to Cuba’s guests. One litre of gasoline costs more than 1 euro in the country, and a one kilometre long taxi ride will cost you approximately 70 euro cents.

You can pay for your purchases using the official local currency, the Cuban peso, which is worth almost the same amount as the USA dollar or the euro (one euro is equal to 1.11 Cuban pesos). Dollars are usually accepted from tourists as well. The standard of living in Cuba is slightly higher than in Lithuania. For example, you can order a lunch meal in a cheap restaurant for 4.5 euros and buy cup of coffee for about 1 euro. In local shops, a small water bottle will cost you 80 euro cents. You can buy one kilogram of fruit or vegetables for 0.40 to almost 4 euros.

Additional information:

  • Cuba belongs to the UTC-5 time zone, which is changed to UTC-4 during the warm period.
  • Official language is Spanish. However, in tourist zones, you should be also able to freely communicate in English.
  • Distance from Vilnius to Cuba’s capital Havana is equal to 8991 kilometre.
  • Best return gifts choices

    Those who love to purchase exotic apparel back from their journeys will love the guayabera, which a versatile and comfortable shirt with pockets, worn both by Cuban peasants and government officials. Also worth purchasing are Cuban cigars, considered the best in the world, as they are made solely from natural materials, with no chemical additives. Gourmet lovers will also admire Cuban rum and coffee: both will make amazing return gifts.

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