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Useful advice for travelling to Austria (AT)

Flights to Austria provide an opportunity to reach this amazing land of Alps, charming cities, and monasteries just in under a few hours. It’s extremely easy to prepare for this trip. Welcoming locals, comfortable public transport and plenty of entertainment choices in Austria guarantee a memorable and enjoyable holiday experience for travellers of all ages.

Preparing for the trip

When going to Austria, there are no compulsory vaccinations required. For adults, it is recommended to get vaccinated against tetanus and diphtheria as a precaution. If you’re interested in active tourism, make sure to insure your health.

No visa is required to enter the country. However, you will need an ID valid for more than 6 months, counting from the last day of your visit to Austria.

Transportation and travel charges

If you’ve chosen to drive to Austria, you will need to pay a road tax. It is also applied to all passengers of scenic tours. Austria has straight and comfortable-to-use roads. Austrian public transport system consists of trains and buses. You can also travel across larger cities using bikes, taxi, and trams, as well as rental cars.

Official currency used in Austria is euros (EUR). Living costs in Albania are higher than in Lithuania. For example, you can have lunch in a cheap restaurant for 10 euros and order a cup of cappuccino for about 3 euros. In local shops, a 1.5 litre water bottle will cost you 75 euro cents; you can buy one kilogram of rice for about 2 euros, and one kilogram of chicken breast for roughly 10 euros. Public transport tickets cost about 2.20 euros, and a one kilometre long taxi ride will cost you about 1.40 euros.

Additional information:

  • Austria uses the UTC +1 time zone. Austria uses summer time and adapts the UTC +2 time zone.
  • Official Austrian languages are German and Austrian but Croatian, Slovene, and Hungarian languages are also used regionally.
  • Distance between Vilnius and Austria’s capital city Vienna amounts to almost 600 kilometres.
  • Best return gifts choices

    After returning from your trip, you could pleasantly surprise your loved ones with authentic Austrian articles. Popular return gifts ideas are crystal products: beads, jewellery, glasses, and vases. Also popular are bronze animal statues with human faces, and wood carvings depicting various landscapes. Finally, make a purchase of traditional cookies, beer, and coffee.

    Cheap flights to Austria are frequently organised and provide a great possibility to plan your time and the entirety of your trip to Tyrolean lands beforehand.

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