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Useful advice for travelling to Jamaica (JM)

Jamaica is a Caribbean Sea island; covered in fertile land, it is filled with seeds of reggae, the Rastafarians, perfect resorts, and unique tasting coffee beans. Palm leaves whispering in the wind, white mist, local fauna, wild river currents, unending musical rhythms, and dreamy sights of the Blue Mountains finish the perfect vision of this sea island. Cheap flights to Jamaica are a great choice for everyone seeking a breathtaking, fun, memorable, and relaxing holiday trip.

Preparing for the trip

Lithuanian travellers that wish to spend up to 30 days in Jamaica may do that without a visa. Before entering the country, however, one needs to provide polio, measles, and rubella vaccination certificates.

All tourists arriving through territories infected with yellow fever will also need to provide

proof of getting a vaccination against the disease. Kingston and Saint Andrew areas pose a malaria infection risk. You should acquire necessary medication, get vaccinated against hepatitis A and B, and renew your tetanus and diphtheria vaccinations if necessary.

Transportation and travel charges

The cheapest way of local travels is found in the constantly overfilled Jamaican buses. If you wish to travel with more comfort, choose taxi instead (travel price should be agreed on beforehand), or use planes and ferries. You could also rent a car: the minimum age for renters is 25. Remember that Jamaica uses the left-hand-traffic system.

You can pay for your purchases using official local currency, Jamaican dollars (JMD). One such dollar is equal to approximately 0.012 euro. Living costs in Jamaica are similar to those in Lithuania. For example, you can have lunch in a cheap restaurant for 545 Jamaican dollars and buy a perfect cup of cappuccino for about 270 dollars. In local shops, a 1.5 litre water bottle will cost you 140 dollars; you can buy one kilogram of rice for about 169.12, while one kilogram of chicken breast will cost you approximately 786.41 dollars. Public transport tickets cost about 120, and a one kilometre long taxi ride will cost you about 217.48 dollars.

Additional information:

  • Official language is English.
  • Jamaica belongs to the UTC –5 time zone.
  • Direct distance between Vilnius and Jamaica’s capital city Kingston amounts to 5813 kilometres.
  • Best return gifts choices

    Your loved ones will remember your wonderful trip to this island country for a long time if you bring some local coffee back with you. In the evenings, rich tastes of rum will remind you of Jamaica. Colourful clay dishes, straw mats and hats, and batik decorated clothes will make great practical return gifts.

    Cheap flights to Jamaica provide an amazing opportunity to spend a cosy, exciting, and comfortable holiday trip. You will not have to dedicate too much of your time for preparations. Very soon, wide smiles of Jamaican locals and gorgeous landscape views will make this trip a symbol of a perfect holiday.

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