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Useful advice for travelling to Turkey (TUR)

Between the two continents of Europe and Asia there lies Turkey, a true pearl of the Middle East. Warm and soothing temperatures, perfect shores of the Black Sea, delicious Turkish dishes and hospitality are all things that make Turkey a popular holiday destination. Cheap flights to Turkey provide an opportunity to visit this welcoming land of great climate and engaging history, so that you can indulge in experiencing divine harmony of nature and culture.

Preparing for the trip

When going to Turkey, there are no compulsory vaccination requirements set for the travellers. It is recommended to get the usual vaccines against hepatitis A and B, typhoid, tetanus, etc. Naturally in case of an infection risk or outbreak, it is important to take precautions and get informed about necessary vaccinations.

Turkish people are really welcoming and sociable; therefore if you decide to have lunch at a restaurant, you might get a surprise treat of traditional, strong and sweet, black Turkish tea. An overwhelming majority of local people professes Islam; however, there is a small Christian community that is mostly made up from Greek and Armenian people.

Transportation and travel charges

Alongside highways, Turkey has a well-developed railway network. Airlines provide both local flights and trips abroad. The main and busiest airports are located in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir and Adana. Popular means of transportation include taxis and minibuses that can even take passengers up to the mountains. Usual taxi pay rate is approximately 0.62 Eur per 1 kilometre, while 1 litre of gasoline costs 1.41 Eur.

The currency in Turkey is the Second Turkish Lira (TRY). Turkey living standards are somewhat lower those in Lithuania. Purchasing 1.5 litre of water costs roughly 0.64 Eur in Turkish shops, 12 eggs cost 1.71 Eur, and a kilo of rice normally costs 1.56 Eur. Traditional Turkish kebab will cost between 4 and 6 liras, or 1.24-1.85 Eur, depending on the kind of meat that makes up the dish.

Additional information:

  • Turkey belongs to the same time zone as Lithuania, UTC. However, there is no summer-time period in Turkey.
  • Turkey’s official language is Turkish, although some locals also speak Greek. There should be no problem in communicating in English with younger people of Turkey.
  • Distance between Vilnius and Turkey’s capital city Ankara amounts to 2269 kilometres.

Best return gifts choices

Perhaps the most well-known souvenir brought from Turkey is the Turkish duck, believed to protect against evil. Rose water is also a popular gift choice, as it can not only serve as a perfume or a skin moisturizer, but people may also drink it; it is thought to positively influence thinking processes and even relax muscles.

Some, more practical, gift items can be found in a Turkish marketplace, such as quality traditional hookahs and tobacco or silk hand-made rugs, decorated with colourful patterns. For those who favour edible return gifts, the perfect choice would be heavenly tasty Turkish sweets, such as layered dough pastries filled with honey and nuts, called baklavas. Turkish halva and dried figs are also delicious.

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