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Useful advice for travelling to Paraguay (PRY)

Paraguay is the heart of the passionate South America. Cheap flights to Paraguay offer a great opportunity to not only enjoy the blue skies and hot sunrays but also to witness the passion that locals have for football, which is almost the second religion for most Paraguayans. Walks by the Devil's Throat will take your breath away, as the place acts as the border between Brazil and Argentina, while also crossing into Paraguay’s territory.

Preparing for the trip

Those who are planning a trip to Paraguay and wish to fully explore the connection between European and native Indian cultures are free to enter the country without a visa. However, all travellers should make sure to get vaccinated against yellow fever, malaria, hepatitis, typhoid fever, tetanus, and diphtheria before heading out. You should also take a first aid kit with you as a precaution.

Before you begin your journey, it is recommended to take time to consult with a specialist from your chosen bank. Make sure that you will not have any issues using your credit card and withdraw some cash for your trip. You should try and choose as small banknotes as possible, as the locals may not always have enough change to give to you otherwise.

Transportation and travel charges

Main Paraguayan means of transport are buses. However, such trips will take a while, as there are practically no bus stops in the country, and buses will stop whenever a passenger signals it from the sideway. Taxis are more comfortable, and this way you’ll reach your destination for a low price and quickly. Another ssolution is taking an adrenalin-filled motor taxi ride.

Official Paraguay currency unit is the guaraní. It may be difficult to believe – and challenging to your wallet – but 1 euro is equal to 6 350.46 guaranies. Nevertheless, both food prices and transport costs are lower in Paraguay than they are in Lithuania. You can order a plate of Paraguayan dumpling soup Bori Bori, a chicken meal Pollo de Navidad, or buy a bus ticket for just 0.40 euro. A one kilometre taxi ride will cost you approximately 0.79 euro, and a dinner for two will 12 euros. You could order a cup of morning coffee for 1.40 and make your own breakfast: you’ll buy twelve eggs for 1.04 euros, while milk will cost you just 0.69. Lastly, one kilogram of chicken breast will cost you approximately 3 euros, rice will cost you 0.61 euro, and a 1.5 litre bottle of water will cost you approximately 0.58 euro.

Additional information:

  • Paraguayan capital Asunción is located almost 12 000 kilometres away from Vilnius.
  • Paraguay belongs to the UTC -4 time zone.
  • Official languages are Spanish and Guarani.
  • Best return gifts choices

    Your friends will be pleasantly surprised with a gift of Paraguayan Terere drink, which will help you spend a relaxing evening after returning from your holiday trip. Another perfect drink choice for such an evening would be sugar cane vodka and palm juice cocktail of a Paraguayan recipe. Other amazing return gift ideas include beautiful crochet dresses for women and authentic leather wallets or jackets for men.

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