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Useful advice for travelling to Ireland (IE)

Ireland is a country proud of its Celtic culture, breathtaking precipices, cosy villages, and excellent pubs. This country gave the world the legendary music band “U2”, dark porter beer, a delicious type of coffee, and of whiskey. Fast and cheap flights to Ireland provide a great opportunity to get acquainted with the country that’s already beloved by Lithuanians and bring some of the famous Irish luck back.

Preparing for the trip

When going to Ireland, there are no compulsory vaccinations required. However, you should get vaccinated in cases of reports about an outbreak of some kind of disease taking place in the country. If wild animals are an important part of your trip, consider getting vaccinated against rabies. We also recommend, as a precaution, getting vaccinated against diphtheria and tetanus.

It is unlikely that you will experience a cultural shock in Ireland. In order to better prepare for your trip, mark down any places that you’ll want to visit, find some information about Celtic and Viking cultures, and try to learn a few Irish words.

Transportation and travel charges

It is worth knowing that Ireland uses the left-hand-traffic system. Different sides of the island are connected by trains and buses. Bigger cities also offer railbus and metro services. You could also choose to use a taxi or rent a car.

You can use Euros, the official Irish currency, to pay for your purchases. Cost of living is higher in Ireland than it is in Lithuania. You can have lunch in a cheap restaurant for 15 Euros and buy a cup of coffee for 3 Euros. A 1.5 litre bottle of water costs roughly 1.30 Eur in an Irish shopping centre, you will pay 2.50 Eur for 10 eggs, and a kilogram of chicken breast will cost you up to 9 Euros. You can use public transport for 2.55 Eur, and local taxi pay rate is approximately 1.30 Eur per 1 kilometre.

Additional information:

  • Ireland belongs to a different time zone than Lithuania, UTC. Ireland observes daylight saving time and at summer it uses the UTC + 1 time zone.
  • Irish people use English freely. Ireland also uses Irish as its other official language.
  • Distance between Vilnius and Ireland’s capital city Dublin amounts to 2690 kilometres.
  • Best return gifts choices

    Ireland is well-remembered by its visitors for high quality alcohol, especially porter and whiskey. Other pleasant return gifts can be found among many different wool products, such as warm clothes, blankets, and slippers. Also worth purchasing are ceramics articles, hand-made washing and shaving products, and jewellery, decorated with Celtic motifs.

    Such return gifts are a fitting present for your loved ones or a nice souvenir for your own collection, in order to never forget your trip to Ireland. Cosy little towns, preserved cultural heritage and traditions, and friendly locals will also serve as trusty reminders about this country.

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