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French Guiana
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Useful advice for travelling to French Guiana (GF)

French Guiana, which lies between the Caribbean Sea and the lands of Brazil and Suriname, ca be likened to a different world in on itself. Can you imagine a desolate island with no life? Or a NASA cosmic launch site? Although from the first glance French Guiana may appear quite empty or lonely, locals are definitely not bored. This is apparent from numerous colourful houses and huts, as well as from many festivities and parades that take place in the country.

Preparing for the trip

Flights to French Guiana will become a totally carefree experience if you plan for your journey in detail beforehand.

All Lithuanian tourists who wish to visit French Guiana for a short period of time are free to do this without a visa. Yellow fever vaccination and its certificate are, however, required from every visitor. Other potential problems are malaria, hepatitis A and B, typhoid fever, diphtheria, and tetanus risks that are present in the country.

Transportation and travel charges

Reggae rhythms will follow you all the way while you explore the country. Buses are rare and usually late to arrive, therefore a spacious rental car will be a perfect choice of a vehicle. Large turtles that live in their natural habitat in French Guiana, along with crabs and crocodiles may be seen from up close after you take a short trip using canoes or boats of the locals.

Both Guianan locals and country guests use euros to pay for their purchases. Food quality is very high, and the local cuisine is a mix of various other cultures. Different local restaurants offer exquisite Italian pasta, Vietnamese noodle soup pho, and many other dishes. However, French Guiana is one of the most expensive countries in the region. One kilogram of tomatoes will cost you 5 euros, and a loaf of bread will cost you 4. A dinner for one usually costs approximately 20 euros, while a three-hour bus journey to the capital will cost approximately 40.

Additional information:

  • French Guianan capital Cayenne is located 8768 kilometres away from Vilnius.
  • The country belongs to the UTC -3 time zone.
  • Official language is French.
  • Best return gifts choices

    Don’t feel envious about all the sunny days by the ocean that the locals can always indulge in. You in turn could always come back and visit the country again. While you’re waiting, various souvenirs will help you remember your trip more vividly. Purchase some handmade bows and arrows with hand-painted or hand-carved trays, or choose silver and gold jewellery, and batik decorated fabrics that will definitely make great return gifts.

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