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Cheap Flights to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Useful advice for travelling to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA)

Flights to Bosnia and Herzegovina beckon various people for different reasons. Some are attracted by mountains that seem to be propping up the sky, others are charmed by a mantle of forests that covers all country, and the third are amazed by nature’s beauty that cannot be influenced by politics. Before beginning your journey, you only need to inform yourself about some peculiarities of the country, so that your time in Bosnia and Herzegovina is engaging and fun.

Preparing for the trip

Lithuanians that wish to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina for a period of 30 days or less are free to do this without a visa. There are also no compulsory vaccinations required to enter the country. However, curious and active travellers should take care of their health insurances and get re-vaccinated against tetanus, diphtheria, and hepatitis A and B as a precaution.

Transportation and travel charges

The best way to get better acquainted with Bosnia and Herzegovina is to use trains, buses, and taxis. When using public transport, be ready to travel slowly, as not all roads are fully restored after the war, and some trains are damaged as well. If you’re driving, make sure to use paved roads only and avoid side roads; some mines could still be underneath.

You can pay for your purchases using the official local currency of convertible marks (BAM). One mark is worth approximately 0.511 euro. Living costs in Bosnia and Herzegovina are lower than in Lithuania. For example, you can order a cup of cappuccino for about 2 marks and have lunch in a cheap restaurant for 7 marks. In local shops, a 1.5 litre water bottle will cost you 1.05 marks; you can buy one kilogram of rice for about 2.09 marks, and one kilogram of chicken breast for roughly 9.36 marks. Public transport tickets cost about 1.60 marks, and a one kilometre long taxi ride will cost you approximately 1 mark.

Additional information:

  • You will be able to communicate in English, Croatian, Serbian, and Bosnian in this country.
  • Distance from Vilnius to the country’s capital Sarajevo is about 807 kilometres.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina belongs to the UTC +1 time zone. At summer it is switched to UTC +2.
  • Best return gifts choices

    Authentic wooden souvenirs, like sculptures, boxes, decoration, trays, and food preparation utensils, are a sure way to capture precious moments of your holiday. Copper dishware, vases, and pans also make practical return gifts that will pleasantly surprise your loved ones. Gourmet lovers will especially like plum liqueur and Balkan spices. You can always purchase some traditional souvenirs as well, like key chains, t-shirts, and greeting cards.

    Cheap flights to Bosnia and Herzegovina provide an easy opportunity to spend a memorable, unusual, and economical holiday. It’s definitely worth visiting this country, as you won’t need too long to prepare, and the journey will gift you with experiences and memories of unique culture, local entertainment, and landscape views.

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