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Useful advice for travelling to Aruba (AW)

Long days spent in sunny beaches, perfect climate, plenty of water entertainment possibilities, and a well-developed tourist services system. There are numerous reasons for considering flying to Aruba to spend your holiday. This destination is especially loved by people celebrating their honeymoon or those needing to get away from all the city noises. It is really easy to plan a relaxing and comfortable holiday trip here.

Preparing for the trip

There are no strict vaccination restrictions for going to Aruba. Nevertheless, the risk of infectious diseases is always present, however slight it is. Therefore, it is recommended to get vaccinated against tetanus, diphtheria, and hepatitis A and B as a precaution. No visa is required to enter the island.

Medical care is quite well developed in Aruba. Nevertheless, it is best to take care of any necessary medications beforehand. While visiting the island, you should be alert about rattle snakes, several kinds of insects, getting sunburnt, and beware of underwater currents.

Transportation and travel charges

You can enjoy wonderful beaches and the culture of Aruba by travelling across the island in buses, taxis, or a rental car. Only those of 25 years old or more are allowed to rent a car. Most cities here use one-way traffic system. Two-way roads use the right-hand traffic system.

You can pay for your purchases using the official Aruban currency, Aruban florins (AWG). USA dollars may also be used. One florin equals about 0.441 euro. Dinner in a cheap restaurant will cost you 18 florins, and a cup of cappuccino costs about 5 florins here. In a local shop, you can buy a kilogram of rice for 4.50 florins, a kilogram of chicken breast will cost you 12.50 florins, and the same amount of cheese costs about 16 florins. Public transport ticket prices reach 4 florins, while taxi rates equal 10 florins in Aruba.

Additional information:

  • Aruba languages are Dutch and Papiamento. While visiting the so-called tourist zones, you will also be understood in English.
  • Distance between Vilnius and Aruba amounts to 9213 kilometres.
  • The island uses the UTC – 4 time zone.
  • Best return gifts choices

    The best way to create long-lasting memories about your trip to Aruba is to purchase some souvenirs from the island. We recommend looking for leather articles or clay vases to purchase. A more practical return gift choice is electronic equipment, as its prices are not too high in Aruba. Ladies will be happy to indulge in buying some jewellery or precious stones, all of which is offered for low prices on the island.

    Cheap flights to Aruba create a great opportunity for excellent holidays for you and your family or friends. Plenty of entertainment choices, everlasting summer, and quick preparation for the holiday make the island a unique tourist magnet that would make any European country jealous.

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