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Useful advice for travelling to Ukraine (UKR)

Ukraine is one of the largest East European countries. The country’s surrounded by the Black Sea and Sea of Azov in the south, and framed by the Carpathian Mountains in the west. Local landscapes also consist of planes and steppes. Cheap flights to Ukraine will provide an opportunity to observe this neighbour country of Lithuania from up close.

Preparing for the trip

There are no compulsory vaccination requirements for entering the country. However, in the case of any sort of epidemic being reported in Ukraine, you should get necessary vaccinations before heading out.

There are numerous Ukrainian sightseeing objects that beckon curious tourists. If you’re only planning a short journey, you shouldn’t miss seeing unbelievable panoramic views of mountains and valleys opening up from the Carpathian Mountains. You should also try and make time for exploring the country’s capital Kiev that is located right next to the Dnieper River; the city still maintains revolutionary moods. You could also research the country beforehand and choose another Ukrainian location altogether.

Transportation and travel charges

Ukraine offers numerous options of public transport means. Different areas of the country are easily reached by trains and buses, while inner-city travels are possible using comfortable metros. Several important transit corridors as well as well-developed sea and air transport networks are also found in Ukraine. You could also always choose to use a taxi or rent a car for your journeys. A one kilometre taxi will only cost you approximately 0.18 euro, and you will need to pay 0.81 euro for one litre of gasoline. Public transport tickets cost about 0.11 euro each.

The standard of living in Ukraine is somewhat lower than in Lithuania. The official currency is the Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH). One euro is equal to approximately 27.52 Ukrainian hryvni. You can have a meal in a cheap restaurant for 4 euros. In local shops, a litre of milk will cost about 50 euro cents, while a 1.5 litre water bottle will usually cost you 66. A dozen eggs will cost you up to one euro, and a kilogram of chicken breast will cost 2.23 euro.

Additional information:

  • Ukraine belongs to the UTC+2 time zone, which is changed to UTC + 3 for the summer.
  • Official language is Ukrainian, but you will also be able to freely communicate in English and Russian.
  • Distance from Vilnius to Ukraine’s capital Kiev amounts to only 718 kilometres.
  • Best return gifts choices

    Authentic souvenirs are a sure way to capture precious moments of your visit to Ukraine. You should consider purchasing some traditional folk art, which is useful to apply in your household, or various wood carvings, ceramic products, jewellery, decorations, high quality textile products, and traditional matryoshka dolls. Ukrainian wine, vodka, homemade cheese, various sausages, and lard are also worth purchasing while visiting this country.

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