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Useful advice for travelling to Slovenia (SVN)

Flights to Slovenia are a great choice for everyone who wants to spend a holiday surrounded by nature, among numerous pristine city streets, and alongside the sky-raising Alps. Slovenia is often called the Balkan’s dwarf. However small the country is, after visiting it, you will be left with numerous long-lasting memories that will make you want to come back again.

Preparing for the trip

Preparing for the journey is easy. You will not require a visa or any compulsory vaccinations. All you need is to plan a journey route in advance, pack your bags, and put a smile on your face. However, if active tourism interests you, make sure to get your health insured renew your vaccinations against diphtheria and tetanus if that is necessary.

Transportation and travel charges

Exploring Slovenia and travelling across the country is easy, and you should not encounter any problems while doing so. Local public transport system is well-developed: buses, minibuses, and taxis arrive in accordance to a tight route plan. You could also choose to rent a car, as road quality is exceptional and traffic is well-structured and clearly defined.

The official currency is the euro, which means that you won’t need to spend any of your time in currency exchange offices. Living costs in Slovenia are similar to those in Lithuania. For example, two people could have lunch in a café for 30 euros, and a delicious cup of latte will cost about 2 euros. Public transport tickets cost 1.30 euro each, and a one kilometre long taxi ride will cost you approximately 0.89 euro..

Additional information:

  • Official language is Slovenian, but many locals also speak English and Russian well.
  • Distance from Vilnius to Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana is 1224 kilometres.
  • The country belongs to the UTC + 1 time zone.
  • Best return gifts choices

    Your loved ones will be pleasantly surprised with a gift in the form of a traditional Slovenian horse meat meal. If this option is too exotic for you, purchase a bottle of wine instead. Local wine is high quality and deeply appreciated by many. Authentic traditional souvenirs with Slovenian pictures and symbols will also help capture precious moments of your visit to this country.

    Cheap flights to Slovenia will provide an opportunity to spend an engaging and memorable holiday for an agreeable price. The country has little requirements for its incoming guests, and all that is lfeft is enjoying your journey and bringing as many return gifts and memories as possible.

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