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Useful advice for travelling to Samoa (WSM)

One of the world’s smallest countries, Samoa is often called the heart of Polynesia. Here, you will be able to enjoy beautiful natural landscapes, take swims along turtles in unbelievably clear water, and spend nights in cosy houses located just along the beach. Flights to Samoa provide an amazing opportunity to visit the Falealupo village or see the sun set into the horizon of the Pacific Ocean shore.

Preparing for the trip

In order to be able to enjoy all the joys this trip brings without any cares, you should get vaccinated against hepatitis A and B, typhoid fever, diphtheria, and tetanus before heading out. It is also recommended to acquire a hand disinfectant for your journey to Samoa. This will help you in any situation where you won’t be able to immediately wash your hands if such a necessity arises.

Lithuanian travellers are able to explore the country freely and indulge in some coconut milk, as there will be no visa requirements present.

Transportation and travel charges

Ferries are perfect for reaching the islands of Samoa, while you may choose to use buses or go on foot when on land. Anyone who is usually not too fond of bus trips and considers those boring and uncomfortable will be pleasantly surprised by Samoan bus services. Buses are painted in various colours that will definitely brighten your mood.

Official local currency unit is the Samoan tala (WST); 1 euro amounts to 2.83 talas. Local cuisine and food preparation processes may seem quite unusual for most foreigners. Locals prefer to use heated stones to prepare meals from green bananas, breadfruit, fish, and pork. Such a meal will cost you 8 talas. In a local restaurant, you can order a cup of cappuccino for 7.50 talas. You should always carry some fresh drinking water with you, as otherwise you may face dehydration in this sunny island country. Water (330ml) will usually cost you about 2 talas in a café, and a 1.5 litre water bottle will cost you approximately 1.70 talas in local shops.

Additional information:

  • Distance from Vilnius to Samoa’s capital of Apia is 15 242 kilometres.
  • Official languages are Samoan and English.
  • Samoa belongs to the GMT +13 time zone, which is vastly different from local Lithuanian time.
  • Best return gifts choices

    Samoan handiwork is considered to be among the best in the Pacific Ocean region. Local Samoan markets offer numerous wood decorations and dishware, exotic t-shirts, and a great beauty product in the form of coconut oil. After you return to your everyday life, shopping will become more fun if you bring a screw pine bag from your holiday trip. Such bags are cheap but unique return gifts for you or your friends and loved ones.

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