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humidity: 80%
pressure: 1009 mm
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Malé: the world’s lowest country’s treasure

The highest point above sea level in the Republic of Maldives reaches just over 2 metres. The country’s capital city of Malé is also located at a low point, at the southern edge of North Malé Atoll. The city is constantly pierced by fresh resort winds that tousle the tourists’ hair and run along numerous beautiful buildings that guard cultural treasures of the Maldives.

How to travel?

Cheap flights to Malé reach their finish at the single country’s airport located in Hulhule island near the capital. In order to reach Malé, you have to use ferries, water planes, helicopters, or motorboats. Quite often, this trip is pre-planned by hotel that is welcoming the city guests.

What to taste?

Malé awaits you with the most delicious Maldives cuisine dishes. Locals mostly eat spicy meals, but you can find something different to eat in some of the larger city restaurants. For breakfast, we recommend ordering unique tasting crepes with smoked tuna filling, called mas huni.

For lunch, choose between bajiya, fried dough pastries with fish and coconut milk; fihunu mas, spicy marinated and grilled fish; and garudhiya, which is a rice dish with fish broth. For a great snack, try ordering pastries with tuna and eggs (bis keemiyaa), pastries with smoked fish (gulha), or spicy fish pie called kulhi borkibaa.

After a filling lunch, indulge in some exotic fruits, home-made fruit bread (banbukeyo bondibai), or banana and coconut pastries dhonkeyo kajuru. You will resist Malé’s hot temperatures better after having a cold drink of fresh juice, a cocktail, or some Indian tea.

What to see?

As is the case with the Maldives as a whole, Malé is glimmering with luxury. This creates contrasts with some of the older buildings in the city. While you are enjoying pleasantly warm Malé climates, do not forget to go and visit the Friday Mosque built in 1656, the spacious Independence Square, ornate former presidential palace (Muliaage), and the exotic Sultan’s Park. Colourful Maldivian culture is best understood by paying a visit to the National museum.

What to do?

Many of the Maldives islands are ideal for an unforgettable honeymoon trip or a simple romantic getaway. Paradise-like white sand, bright blue sea, sky-raising palms, and hot sunrays all work perfectly together to make a unique holiday experience.

Other engaging Malé places to pay a visit to are local markets that are simply bursting with different aromas and colours. You can also always go on a trip from island to island and try diving. Up to 5 meters deep underwater tours let you admire flora and fauna of the Maldives from up close. A trip to Malé will show you an entirely different and exotic yet friendly world of luxury and treasures; both underwater and above the ground.

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