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Cheap Flights to Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea
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Useful advice for travelling to Equatorial Guinea (GNQ)

Cheap flights to Equatorial Guinea will provide you with numerous joyous emotions and memories from this exotic hot country. Never-before-seen animals and plants together with colourful Malabo city architecture objects will take your breath away. Many pleasant adventures await you here: from long walks along the white Arena Blanca beach with thousands of butterflies in the background to Bata city nightlife entertainment, which opens up a window to the wild side of Equatorial Guinea.

Preparing for the trip

Those who plan to visit this Central African country will need to get mandatory yellow fever and malaria vaccinations. Other health risks are hepatitis A and B, typhoid fever, tetanus, diphtheria, and meningococcal disease.

Lithuanian citizens will not require a visa in order to enter Equatorial Guinea. You will however need to provide a valid passport upon your arrival. ID cards are not accepted in the country.

Transportation and travel charges

Probably the best way to get acquainted with Equatorial Guinea is renting a car. Gasoline prices are lower than those in Lithuania; you will pay approximately 72 euro cents for one litre of it. It is not recommended to use taxi services: although cheap and accessible, they are not the most reliable way to get around because of many inconsiderate drivers. Planes are great for visiting the capital city.

The official local currency is the Central African CFA franc. One euro is equal to approximately 656 francs. In local shopping centres, imported goods are much pricier than local products. For example, you will pay as much as 30 euros for one kilogram of oranges. In local restaurants, you will pay about 3.50 for a cup of cappuccino. However, it is quite easy to agree on a lowered price while shopping in local marketplaces. It is important to remember that credit cards are not accepted in most places, and there are also almost no cash machines available in Equatorial Guinea. Local economy is based mainly on cash.

Additional information:

  • Distance from Vilnius to Equatorial Guinea’s capital Malabo amounts to 5863 kilometres.
  • The country belongs to the GMT +1 time zone.
  • Official languages are French and Spanish.
  • Best return gifts choices

    Authentic souvenirs are a sure way to capture precious moments of your visit to Equatorial Guinea. You should look for some African motifs-decorated masks, paintings, or wood statuettes. Massive necklaces and bracelets will help your friends appear unique and original. The best way to begin your tale about holiday spent in Equatorial Guinea is with a Malamba drink in one hand and a photo album in another.

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